Revolution awaits.

A revolutionary pop-up learning experience for revolutionary humans.


Cliff's notes: you've most likely got 'hard work' and 'ease' pitted against one another in your template for career/success/worthwhile work. That's bad news for your health, your worth, and for justice.

Are you:

-Experiencing regular phases/patterns of burnout in your life?

-Hearing from loved ones that you 'work too hard,' or don't make enough time for your friends/chosen family?

-Feeling like there's never enough time...?

-Secretly questioning whether "work/life balance" is real or even possible in your life?

-Carrying tension and stress in your body more often than not? (Clue: Are you clenching your jaw right now, perhaps? How's your lower back? How's your sleep?)

-Struggling to remember the last time you didn't hustle/grind as a way to get important work done?

-Equating your worth with how hard you work? (Clue: If/when you're not working relentlessly, do you question your purpose, value, contribution, and impact?)-

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, we should get under your hood, re-wire your hardware, and help you MAKE A NEW BLUEPRINT FOR 'HARD WORK.' One that centers your rest and wellbeing. One that doesn't stress you out so damn much. One that actually feels good in your body.


1. When you burnout, systems of oppression win.

2. When you can't sustain yourself, you can't show up for the people you most love and want to live long lives for/with.

And 3. You're fucking worth it. We all are. We are worth hard work and ease. Ideally at the same time.

So let's do some re-wiring! In ways that toss up a middle finger to white supremacy conditioning and hold tight to the value and practice of justice and liberation.

In this Revolution Lab, you will:

-Map out your unique, perfect "I only know how to effort/stress-my-way-to-success and-the-life-I-want' system that keeps you from experiencing ease > effort. We will look at all the traps you've laid for yourself that pull you back into control, force, over-working, striving, and stressing as a way to get important things done. Together, we'll find the thoughts, habits, experiences, values, and beliefs that are PREVENTING ease > effort.

-Reorient to success and achievement in more healing ways. You’ll see hard work, effort, and ease in a radically different way when I’m done with you.

-Deal with your resistance. The problem isn’t that you have resistance to ease -- it’s how you relate to your resistance. I’ll help you understand that more deeply, and in more healing and just ways.

-Leave with a plan, and with practices to help you create more ease in your body, work, and life. Without using tools of force, scarcity, control, striving, or stress (white supremacy is bad for your health and your work).


You can come to just the Pop Up workshop and leave with decades of my accumulated learning on the topic. I’m going to share everything I know.

And. Or.

You can have a container held for you across the whole month of August to put the knowledge into practice so you don’t have to do the re-wiring on your own, or make time separate from the rest of your life to do the work.

Let me provoke and hold you in 4 weekly modules (or 2 months of private coaching!). You’ll get the knowledge + the guidance + the coaching + the community support to reorient to ease as you pursue the life and goals that really fucking matter to you.

Not-So-Fine Print/Huge AF Disclaimer:

Do not come to this experience if you don’t actually want to re-wire. The truth is: most folks don’t. Not really. The vast majority of us want the thing -- the rest, the ease, the balance -- but we don’t want to do the re-wiring for it. We don't want to change bad habits. We don't want to challenge our thoughts and patterns. We don't want to feel hard feelings that light up when we get under the hood and poke around with how we're living our lives. You will have to answer tough questions if you attend this workshop. You may be left to make some difficult decisions that could alter or upend your life-as-you-currently know it or identity-as-you-currently-understand-it. I do not have a bag of tricks to sell you that promises you daily naps, 2 hour work days, and stress free lives. I am, however, going to show you how to re-orient to 'hard work' in a way that is much healthier for you and for collective justice. And still. Liberation is hard fucking work. Making ease where there is currently tension, scarcity, striving, or control is (possible!--and) hard fucking work. Are your goals and aspirations worth what it’s going to take? And are they worth a new template for achievement and success? Only you can answer that honestly. This community is here to support you if the answer is 'yes,' or if you want the answer to be 'yes.'

Enough talk.

We cannot wait for a revolution -- we have to make a revolution. Everywhere we go. In the world, in our relationships, at work, and everywhere in between. The micro moments matter.

To make a revolution out in the world, we have to create revolution inside ourselves.

That takes intentional work. Intentional training. Intentional UNlearning. And so often, opportunities to take that training on are elite, inaccessible, and not affordable.

Introducing THE REVOLUTION LAB. A low-cost, pop-up learning experience about UNlearning different aspects of internalized oppression, white supremacy conditioning, AND the common struggles so many of us in social change struggle with internally.


You'll get a workshop and guided resources to take you into provocative independent learning. If you can't attend the live workshop, you'll receive video and MP3 content to fuel your skill and heart development to create change. PLUS guided resources and reflection prompts so you can continue your learning in a supported way.


Live workshops, group discussions, and community support with real issues you're grappling with. Plus, there are opportunities to do deep-dives into the topics that most resonate in a small-group learning community.

Custom Support

LIVE, recorded office hours so you get custom support from laura and the group. There are immersion and extension opportunities if you're looking for a fully customized, deep experience.

Past Participants Have Spoken

"Working with laura has dramatically shifted how I stand for love and justice in my life...I've developed a softer, kinder, more humanized approach to my own growth and have been building a practice of courage that is bolder, messier, and more deeply aligned with the kind of liberation and justice I'm just learning to imagine." -L.G., impossible goals

"laura is masterful at posing the questions and holding the space that allow for rigorous reflection and imagination. I walked in unable to even fathom what it could mean to set a goal from a place of wholeness and am now walking solidly on to my wildest hopes and dreams." -M.M., impossible goals

"[This pop-up] was a unique and powerful experience. My learning was deepened both through laura's brilliant teaching and coaching as well as the brilliance of the other participants. It was a gift." -B.E., impossible goals

"The community calls and weekly short homework videos in the PLUS course are still resonating deeply with me a few weeks later and have shifted how I am relating to myself, my family, and justice work." -L.R., perfectionism

"This was my first workshop with laura, and it was such a fantastic experience. I was admittedly a bit nervous going in but it was such a fantastic community and the pop up PLUS experience was so worth it. laura is amazing as a facilitator at helping you self-reflect and making you comfortable at being uncomfortable. Her brave space is well-supported and I look forward to joining her next Pop up!" -K.S., perfectionism

Plans for all types of support

No matter what, you're going to get a provocative learning experience that pushes you to think differently about setting and achieving goals for the year ahead.

The question is whether you'd like to be held for 1 week, 1 month, or in a full immersion experience of private coaching.

Pop Up

1 WEEK of revolutionary, pop-up learning. Whether you've been doing the inner work of social change for decades or are just approaching perfectionism for the first time, this week of learning will take you deeper, provoke you, and offer tools and guidance to support your learning.

  • 2-3 Hour Live Workshop (plus recording)
  • Daily Reflection Questions
  • 1 LIVE Office Hour for Q&A (plus recording)
  • 1 month of extended learning: weekly reflection resources and weekly office hours
  • Bonus resources
  • Private 1:1 coaching with laura
  • Private offline support from laura


Sign me up


1 MONTH of revolutionary, pop-up learning. If 1 week of learning just isn't enough, you can extend your access to laura , to resources, and to learning for the entire month of January. You'll get weekly extended support for the full month to take your work even deeper.

  • 2-3 Hour Live Workshop (plus recording)
  • 4 Weeks of Reflection Questions
  • 4 LIVE Office Hours for Q&A (plus recordings)
  • Bonus resources
  • Private 1:1 coaching with laura
  • Private offline support from laura



Limited to 5 participants: August 1 - September 31

The 2-month immersion experience is a custom, private coaching experience. This is the most affordable way to work with laura 1x1 with rates available only to Revolution Lab members.

  • 2-3 Hour Live Workshop (plus recording)
  • 4 Weeks of Reflection Questions
  • 4 LIVE Office Hours for Q&A (plus recordings)
  • Bonus resources
  • Bi-Weekly 60-minute Private Coaching Calls for two full months
  • Private offline support from laura for two full months while you work on your goals


No Revolution Lab will be the same.

The experience begins August 3rd (details and times in the FAQ).

This is the time to go deep with ease and work to reorient to your work and success in more inspiring, less toxic, and life/work-changing ways.

Registration for The Revolution Lab: EASE > EFFORT ends in



We've got A's for your Q's

When is the live workshop and the live office hour?

Tuesday August 3rd, from 4:00-7:00pm EST. You'll get a welcome note and guided electronic resources Monday 8/2, we'll have our workshop Tuesday, and the office hour is from 12-1:15pm EST on Thursday August 5th. On Friday 8/6, we'll email you all the recording links.  For those continuing to the PLUS or IMMERSION programs, office hours will be weekly from 12-1pm EST on Thursdays in August.

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. We think you'll have more fun and get a lot more out of the experience if you allow yourself to fully show up. And. We know you're busy. You get recordings and electronic copies of all the materials if you can't engage live.  

Are there scholarships?

Yes. If you have systemic or financial constraint, your tuition for any program is automatically adjusted by 20%. There are additional scholarships available.

What's the difference between the Pop Up PLUS and Pop Up COACHING? Why does the cost change significantly?

The immersion is a private coaching-based learning experience, one-on-one, with laura. The Pop Up and Pop Up PLUS are direct learning experiences with guided reflection support and some coaching but only in a large-group container.

Most revolution labs discuss white supremacy conditioning--is the lab only for white-identifying people?

Definitely not. We've all been socialized by oppression; we've all internalized white supremacy conditioning and its ways of being even though there are different trade-offs, consequences, traumas, and benefits depending on our identity locations. The revolution lab is a multi-racial, multi-generational space.

When and what will future topics be?

It's a secret. :-)  But you should expect pop-ups to reflect common internalized manifestations of oppression, like sense of urgency or defensiveness. Plus pop-ups that connect to the things so many of us in social change struggle with, like Imposter Syndrome and tying our sense of worth to our productivity.