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November - January

a provocative 3-month learning experience

to hold the people - who hold the people

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“We are holders, though, not keepers.”

– Francesca Arnoldy

You are a holder. Of people. Whether by choice or demand, you are being asked to lead others. To guide teams or organizations or family through a long, dark night. You hold responsibility, when harm is created. You hold hearts, when they are broken. You hold the feelings and fears of others in this environment of acute anxiety. You hold space for challenging and essential conversation about the safety, freedom, and equity of all people. You have the task of holding onto possibility, no matter the challenges that lie ahead. And…challenges lie ahead.

These next three months are going to be difficult – perhaps the most difficult of the year. There will be continued loss. There will be despair and pain and rage. There will be an election. There will be a backlash to an election, no matter the results. There will be holidays that won’t feel or look the same as they always have. There will be tough organizational decisions. There will be harm repair.

Lethal power structures are crumbling – around us, and in our organizations. This is a space to do the inner work. As holders of people, responsibility, teams, families … this is a place to let power dynamics crumble within ourselves. This is a time to practice holding space for others that focuses on healing, on repair, on wholeness, on liberation – even and especially in the face of a world that might reify its relationship with greed, domination, exploitation, and assault on humanity.

And this is also a space to be held. By a coach. By a community. By learning and growth that fosters healing.

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Being held is often challenging for those of us who hold others. And: learning to be held is essential. Not only for our capacity to hold others, but also for our ability to hold others skillfully. Without replicating oppressive power structures.

If you anticipate, as I do, that the next three months will call you: to face some of the darkest moments of the year; to practice reserves of courage you worry you may not feel ready for; and to hold the hearts of others against the cultural tidal waves of aggression, despair, and pain coming our way … then this space is for you. 

It is a community of practice, and a circle of support.

You will develop your capacity to hold others in ways that put down the master’s tools. You will build new tools. And you will develop your capacity to be held. To sink into sacred community. To have provided to you what you provide to others. To be held in your wholeness. 

This community is designed to be active and intimate. There are exactly 15 spots available. Participation in this community will require deep, deep commitment. 

If you know in your bones - if you can feel in your heart - that this is for you, you can apply here now.

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© Mean Well. Speak Well. Do Well., Inc. 2020

If you’re not certain, let the information below clarify your yes or your no. I honor both.

What this space includes:



3-month-long experience and learning community, including a private non-Facebook group for discussion, support, help, and acknowledgement. 


Deep Coaching

Bi-weekly group coaching sessions for 90-minutes each, for the full three months.


Private Access to laura

Weekly 1:1 access to laura for flash support, for 12 full weeks.


Office Hours

Office hours nearly every week of the program,  for rich community and to get all your questions custom-answered while you learn.


Custom Development

You'll have access to 6 different learning & development modules to build your capacity to hold others and to be held. These will focus on emotional, spiritual, tactical, and ontological development. Plus recordings of everything.

Three months of radical support and community...

Designed to hold the people who hold the people.

Payment plans are available. So is additional support. You can self-select your tuition in the application.



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(1)  What’s in the learning and development modules? 

These will be shaped by the needs you pinpoint in your application. laura will provide provocation, tools, and development on topics like: (A) building a deep practice of consent, (B) learning to hold yourself and others accountable without replicating oppressive power dynamics, and (C) how to hold but not keep. The remaining modules will be shaped and influenced by who is in this group.  

(2)   What if I can’t attend all the sessions?

No problem. You will have access to recordings. However, the most important factor for participation in this community is commitment. To the learning, the community, your practice.  

(3)   What’s the forum for the learning modules? 

Some will take place over live sessions that are recorded; others will be sent electronically and include readings, and brief audio and video files. The modules are meant to provoke you and to expand your range of skills, perspective, and way of being.

(4)   Does this include private 1:1 coaching from laura?

No. You will have private access to laura through a tool called Voxer, but this experience does not include 1:1 coaching sessions.

(5) Who is this space designed for?

Parents and guardians

Coaches, doulas, facilitators, and healers 

Team and organizational leaders


Organizers and activists

(6)   Are there scholarships available? 

Yes. You can select your tuition needs in the application. There is an automatic 20% adjustment for anyone with financial constraint, and there are opportunities for scholarship and permaculture if you need additional support. Money should not be the reason you don’t participate if you know this space is meant for you.