So. You want to live well? 

Learn to die well.

How To Die

the course & cohort


What stands in the way of your dying well? Fears? Regret? Questions about your purpose and contribution? A lack of skill, like the inability to let go of control? A lack of readiness pragmatically? A belief that dying well is a paradox? 

This course is about confronting and removing those blocks. In community. Centering healing, justice, legacy, and life.

This experience is:


We'll complete legal documents like your advance care directives and go over the various forms, options, and services needed at end of life. There is a surprising amount of choice when you plan ahead.


We will rumble with worth, and repair, and healing in pursuit of wholeness. So that you aren't clamoring for meaning and self-security at the end of your life whenever that time comes. 

One part rigorous training for JUSTICE & LIBERATION.

Death is a profound teacher of justice. As we train for our death, we also train in: transformative courage, bearing witness to suffering, letting go of control, apology/repair, imagination, radical honesty, and other critical skills and dispositions of practicing justice.

And it's all parts healing.

This experience is a hands-on course, a community of practice, and a coaching experience. It includes:

  • 12 weeks of Intimacy. Growth. Connection. Engagement. Death-xploration. Development.
  • 9 instructional and reflective video modules
  • 9 group coaching and community spaces, each 90-minutes long
  • Guided instruction on key documents to complete or anticipate around end-of-life decisions
  • A private community platform (not on Facebook) for discussion, camaraderie, personal support, questions, and intimacy
  • 2 Death Cafés/virtual community dinners -- and you get to bring 1 guest
  • 1:1 access to laura as your personal coach for 12 weeks
  • A gift in the mail from laura at the beginning of your journey

Tuition: $2599.

Scholarships available. If you know in your bones this is for you, don't let funds be the preventative factor.

Folks who work with laura say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Working with laura has dramatically shifted how I stand for love and justice in my life."

Laura G.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"If you are doing justice work, or want to be, or just want to be more whole , you have to learn and grow alongside laura."


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"...The best kind of uncomfortable."


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The heart of laura's genius is her ability to create a learning and practice community that supports transformation."


This is a wildly intimate and independent experience. You will go to deep, profound places alongside a small cohort of strangers who will become partners for life.

And perhaps death.

I believe there are things in us that we must let die, in order to have not only a peaceful death but a life lived in integrity, compassion, whole-heartedness, and courage. I will help you facilitate the death of those things inside of you. Like clinging to control. Like fear-based living. 

Too many people wait until the very end to do this sort of inner work in order to die well. At that point, we have little time to practice and even less time to feel the positive impact.

Who this is and isn't for

This cohort and experience is unlike anything else out there.  The courageous, advanced thinkers who engage in this work will come to it because they crave learning; they want to confront the things that scare them; they want to deepen their relationship with racial justice in everything they do; they're willing to be a part of something revolutionary, of something that will change them, which will require letting go of control.

This cohort will bring together people with a common desire: to live more fully, more justly, more courageously. But that may be the only unifying thread.

Some people will come to this cohort who are thinking about death for the first time. Some will come with a terminal diagnoses. Some will come with decades of experience holding grief and loss. Some will come for the experience of preparing for death; some will come for the emotional-spiritual development and intimacy they know laura uniquely creates; some will come to deepen their skills and practice of justice.

This is a space in which you will practice dying.

Symbolically. Emotionally. Spiritually. Socially.

And you will leave more whole, more centered, and more ALIVE for your life as a result.


Come tell me how you want to die, my friends. Let me help you train in the skills, tools, and dispositions. 

Because that, maybe more than anything else, tells us – and prepares you – for how you long to live

The Details

We'll have three sessions per module, all intermingling the work of justice, the pragmatic and logistical work of preparing for death, and the inner work of honing our courage and capacity to die well.

Module 1: Legacy & Identity

Module 2: Grief, Loss, & Surrender 

Module 3: Healing & Wholeness 

Our group will come together almost every week for 3 months. You will have support from and access to laura 1:1 through an app called Voxer, and to the group anytime through a private, non-Facebook community platform called Mighty Networks. We will also have intimate virtual dinners together, including our loved ones, to create a radically connected community as we each do the deep inner, sometimes solitary work of exploring how to die.

Investment: $2599

Scholarships available. If you know you're meant to be here and funds are the only preventative factor, apply anyway.

You will have the opportunity to self-elect an adjusted tuition based on your financial needs in the application. We offer an automatic 20% deduction in fees to anyone with systemic or financial constraint, as well as additional scholarships and the opportunity to pay an increased tuition if you have financial privilege to support the participation and equity of others.

This is about living well.

 Create the space to explore, feel, and choose what dying well means to you so you can LIVE in alignment to your values, your priorities, and your purpose.

We've got A's for your Q's

How do I know if this experience is right for me? What can I expect?

First, you'll feel it in your gut. It will call to you, and make you a little nervous at the same time. Beyond that, you should also have had previous training and learning around racial justice. We will frequently refer to white supremacy conditioning, justice, and liberation. Previous work with laura is really helpful to prepare you for this experience, though not necessary. And last, you should be wanting to be coached. There will be discussion and reflection in this experience, but its primary purpose is to loosen the grip of fears, thoughts, identities, and white supremacy conditioning ... a willingness to go there is essential. Not just in your head where we talk about something as if it's "out there," but more in terms of doing deep inner work and making courageous shifts within your life. You should expect to come out of this experience a different human, and you should expect that your ego, defensive mechanisms, fears, and anxieties are going to put up a good fight along the way. And you should expect to push through those things anyway. Which is to say: this experience is for you if you're willing to confront those fears and move into the liminal space with a coach and group of intimate strangers anyway.

What are some of the topics/modules we'll be working through

There are common roadblocks for all of us as we support ourselves and loved ones to die well. Fears. Avoidance. Identities we cling to. The inability to surrender. Harm that needs to be repaired; apologies that need to be made. Documents that need to be completed. Wholeness, we need to create within ourselves.

Are there scholarships?

Yes. If you have systemic or financial constraint, your tuition for any program is automatically adjusted by 20%. There are additional scholarships available; you can request and self-elect your tuition in the application.

This experience mentions white supremacy conditioning. Is How To Die only for white-identifying people?

Definitely not. We've all been socialized by oppression; we've all internalized white supremacy conditioning and its ways of being even though there are very different trade-offs, consequences, traumas, penalties, and benefits depending on our identity locations. This experience is a multi-racial, multi-generational space.

What platform will we use to engage each other as a group?

We'll be using MightyNetworks. You'll also receive weekly emails with module content.

How much do I have to participate? What if I miss a call?

You'll have more fun and get a lot more out of the experience if you allow yourself to fully show up. And. We know you're busy. You get recordings of the calls, all modules are video and can be accessed anytime, and you'll be sent electronic copies of any materials shared. We know not everyone will be able to attend every single session -- no worries. 

When will calls be?

Thursdays. We'll arrange a doodle poll once the full group is selected. There will be no way to find a specific time that consistently works for 10 very busy people, but we'll make sure we find a time(s) that work for most folks on Thursdays. It's OK if you can't make every call, but we really recommend trying. 🙂 

How big is the group?

About 10 people. This is designed to be intimate.

Will there be a waitlist?

Yes. And if you're on it, we will be sure to keep you posted.

Is the advanced care directive we create a valid legal document?

If you'd like it to be. We'll be using Five Wishes, which is a valid legal document in nearly every state. Whether you use this as a reflection worksheet or a valid legal document is entirely up to you. You can save your work and choose to make it a legal advance care directive at any point.

More Questions?

Ask them here, and we'll send you a personal reply.

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(Trained) end of life doula.

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