How To Make Space: Course & Coaching

 learn to embody the ways of BEing that enable you to hold transformational space.

Restoration. Challenge. Skill Development. Inspiration. Deep Coaching. Guest Experts. Custom Support. Community.

In the comfort of your own home.



We'll come together over the course of 5 nights, for a deep study of what it takes to make and hold transformational space -- in our leadership, and in our lives.

The first 30 minutes of every night, laura will offer direct teaching on the ingredients and dispositions of making radical space.

The remainder of each call will be dedicated to reflection and deep coaching. You can volunteer to be coached directly by laura -- or -- learn by witnessing others' insights as they receive coaching.

This is not an experience about acquiring new knowledge. The skills and ways of BE-ing that laura will share will not be new to you. BUT. There is a difference between valuing something and learning to MAKE it. Often we have insecurities and fears that prevent us from deeply internalizing what it would truly take to MAKE the things we value. That's why this course is one-part workshop, and one-part coaching retreat -- so that we can tend to your inner blocks, skills, and unique identity as you work to put the content into practice in your life, leadership, and relationships.


This course and coaching experience is about taking a deep, reflective look at the skills, wills, and dispositions needed to make and hold radical space. First for ourselves, and then for others. Space that disrupts the status quo. Space that changes conversations, whether with clients or intimate partners. That sort of space is so deeply needed right now in our world. It creates inclusivity. It facilitates transformation. It yields connection. And it's a necessity for justice and liberation. 

While none of the concepts we'll cover will be new, the reason most people can't make authentic, radical, transformational space is because simple content can be the most complex to build an intimate, authentic relationship with and practice of. That's what this experience is about. Helping you look at familiar content in totally new ways, and helping you build intimacy with and skill at bringing these dispositions into your life and work.

This is first and foremost a coaching retreat. Meaning: you’ll be pushed deep. Because, in truth, so many of us rarely are – at least not in ways we’re choosing and craving. Plus: this is a virtual experience. Coaching is often extremely costly, inaccessible, and solitary. We’re going to shake all that up. We all deserve community; intimacy; connection; learning – and we get a great workout doing our personal work alongside others, witnessing and being witnessed.


  • coaches
  • consultants
  • managers
  • facilitators
  • educators
  • humans who want to be better practicioners of solidarity
  • humans who want to transform their leadership
  • humans who want to transform their personal relatonships
  • folks who love learning, development, and deep, meaningful inner work.


Elena Aguilar is an expert coach, educator, and author who has trained thousands of educators across the United States and abroad in transformational coaching and team development. And she'll be joining us to have a frank conversation and live Q&A experience all about the role of courage in making, facilitating, and holding space.

Elena is a regular contributor for Edutopia and EdWeek Teacher and has published three highly acclaimed books: The Art of Coaching (2013), The Art of Coaching Teams (2016), and Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators (2018). Elena’s expertise comes from twenty years as a classroom teacher, instructional coach and leadership coach working in diverse school environments. In her role as a consultant, she has partnered with leaders in public and private organizations across the United States and abroad. 


laura will guide you on this coaching journey, which is one part course/instruction and one part deep inner work and coaching.

While there won't be a traditional agenda, here's what you can expect each evening:

  • Instruction, from laura or a guest teacher
  • Independent reflection and group processing, and an opportunity to ask questions
  • 1:1 coaching, in the whole group space. laura might work with one person deeply or coach a small group of people in each session. You can indicate whether you'd like to be coached by laura in the application. Sometimes transformation comes from being coached; sometimes it comes from learning from others' strories, experiences, and insights while they're coached. You can choose your own adventure.
  • Group closing space

Some of the CONTENT we will cover will include:

  • The paradoxes and tensions we have to embody, to make and hold radical space.
  • The most common barriers and limiting beliefs/blocks that prevent us from making/holding space.
  • The role of courage -- and how to hone it -- in making space.
  • How to create: silence; intimacy; agency; consent; warmth.


The virtual retreat sessions will take place the following dates/times –over Zoom.

Monday, April 6 -- 4:00-6:30pm EST

Wednesday, April 8 -- 4:00-6:30pm EST

Tuesday, April 14 -- 4:00-6:30pm EST

Thursday , April 16 -- 4:00-6:30pm EST

Monday, April 20 -- 4:00-6:30pm EST 

Participants will join via webcam and will need a solid internet connection for the experience.  

You do not need to be able to attend every session in order to participate.

Retreat tuition is $299.

Scholarships are available for participants with significant financial constraint.


Applications CLOSE March 27th, 2020.



1. Approximately how much time is teaching vs. coaching vs. independent time?

Participants can expect about 30 minutes of direct teaching from laura each session, about 15-30 minutes for independent reflection and/or group processing, and the remainder of the time will be coaching.

2. Will I be on camera?

Yes. laura is a master at creating virtual intimacy, and a tool that helps is Zoom which includes a camera feature. Folks don't need to be on camera the whole time but laura will ask that you're on camera for as much of the retreat as possible.

3. Why do I need to apply?

This is first and foremost a coaching retreat. Coaching isn't for everyone, and not every coach is for everyone. You'll get a better sense of the work we'll be taking on by completing the application plus a good opportunity to filter whether this experience is right for you. Similarly, laura will get a chance to more deeply get to know you and what you're looking for so she can support you during the retreat and/or steer you toward other learning experiences if there are better fits for what you're craving.

4. Is this like a virtual summit or webinar?

No. A webinar is a presentation, typically with gobs of folks. A virutal summit is a string of guest teachers. This is BOTH a course AND a custom coaching experience in an intimate group setting with a capped number of participants. This is also live interaction with expert teachers. You should expect intimacy and vulnerability -- neither of which are typically asked for in webinars or virtual summits.

5. What happens if I'm not able to attend the whole time?

No problem. You'll have access to the recordings. We do ask -- as a general rule -- that you be able to participate for at least 3 of the 5 sesssions in order to really meet your needs.

6. Will there be a recording?

Yep. You'll be able to take the coaching, the guest teacher, the inspiration, and the community with you to listen to over and over as you need it.

7. Is this private / confidential?

Yes. Participants will be asked to sign an e-waiver committing to confidentiality about the resources shared and the content of coaching conversations.

8. What's the refund policy?

This is a full commitment. If there is an emergency that changes your ability to participate, we will happily work with you to refund your tuition. However, beyond true emergencies, tuition will not be refunded. The value of coaching and community is largely up to the participant to apply. Having said that and while refunds will not be offered, if this retreat falls short of meeting your needs, laura will commit to additional private 1:1 coaching to support your learning and satisfaction. (For what it's worth, in the 10+ years laura has been coaching and leading virtual learning experiences, no one has requested a refund.)