You are building a business that creates social impact. 

Build it in a community designed to impact you.


You are building a business that creates social impact. You practice anti-racism. You’re a coach, a consultant, a freelancer entrepreneur, or starting up a social venture. You are committed to using your talents and your business to make a goddamn difference. To advance justice. To help us grow.

You’re proud of the choice you’ve made to build this business. The risks you’ve taken to do so. 

And. It’s sometimes scary. And overwhelming. And at times really confusing. 

… how do you make money to thrive and fuck capitalism at the same time!? 

… how do you cultivate care and liberation in your own life like you do with your clients?

… what would it look like for your business to really thrive

… how do other social entrepreneurs deal with X, Y, or Z?! This shit is tricky! 

You have a few books that help. People you can call for this or for that. But it’s piecemeal. You are craving something to push you and hold you and provoke you into building your wildest possible vision of your business. To get you to see and work through your fears and doubts. 

You wish you had your own mini board of critically conscious directors, to offer different perspectives and experiences.

You wish you had some friends who knew the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur…sometimes you feel ashamed to talk about what’s hard in your business because you’re also acutely aware of your privileges.

You often wish you had a private coach and mentor who’s built a successful business walking a similar path with similar values and aspirations. 

Someone who can help you cross things off the list of shit to get done that you know you could spin your wheels on forever (like how to talk about what you do, or how to get that website done and out of the way). 

Someone who will hold you to a rigorous bar of living out your values of justice as a business owner and push you on micro-reparations, paying rent to Indigenous nations, and supporting Black lives in the blueprint of what you do and how you do it.

Someone to push you into and out through your money fears, your scarcity shit, your stuff about your productivity and innate worth, and alllllll the other crap that white supremacy and capitalism have done to our bodies, souls, spirits, and ability to lead our own businesses in a centered, healthy, justice-oriented way.

 Welcome to The Mastermind for Social Entrepreneurs  

One part think-tank. One part community. One part board room. One part coaching. All parts fucking awesome.

The Mastermind for Social Entrepreneurs is a small cadre of socially progressive, critically conscious, anti-racist humans building their businesses together. The collective brilliance, entrepreneurial experience, and let’s shake shit up and get shit done audacity of this group will change anyone in it.

The Power of a Cohort

You will collaborate deeply and get support from like-minded entrepreneurs. 

You will build websites, or programs, or new clients together.

You will get coaching from laura and from the group.

You will create friendships and partnerships for life. 

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, mysterious, and isolating. Let’s change that.

The Power of a Design Sprint

The mastermind is designed to be a sprint -- it’s a 2 month program that puts heat under your seat to push your business forward. We have a tendency as entrepreneurs to draw out, overthink, and procrastinate on shit that needs to get done. The Mastermind will push you into action -- fast

Double-dog dares, games, design challenges, creative think-tanks … you’ll get it all so that you shift out of ruts and into action.

The mastermind is a coaching and support community, but it’s also a design sprint. Get ready to create. 

The Necessity of Inner Work

The truth is that -- as a coach/consultant/social entrepreneur -- you actually are your business and your business is you. Taking care of one requires taking care of the other.

The success of your business will be impeded by your money blocks, scarcity stuff, people-pleasing tendencies, fears, insecurities, and all the other things that make you a human. So while it’s totally normal, it’s also hurting your business. And likely your impact with your clients and communities. 

There’s no way out but through. You’ll have a master coach as a guide, and a community of radical, amazing entrepreneurs to walk beside you into the places you need to heal for both your business and your own liberation.

The Details

  • Hot seats + deep coaching. 6 group sessions, 2-hours each. We’ll be together nearly every week for 2 months.
  • Design & creativity challenges. You’ll be given challenges, should you choose to accept them, to get you in the habit, practice, and skillset of creation. Some challenges will be solo. Others will be collaborative. You will be asked to sprint and build quickly so that you can run faster than the pace of your fears and overthinking.
  • Community. Your participation includes a private online community through MightyNetworks, real-time support and access to your cohort members, strategic collaborations so you’re not building alone, and social intimacy through a group virtual dinner. A mastermind is so powerful because of the group you’re with, and laura is a master at creating intimacy. Expect relationships that change your perspective and business for life.
  • Critique & feedback. You’ll get concise, constructive feedback on the documents, programs, and ideas you most want feedback on. From laura and the group. From your website to your offerings, I’m happy to look at any product you want an extra heart on.
  • Investment: $2199

Design Challenges Deliverables

This community is designed to push you to BUILD. With support. What would you like to create?

  • Website copy to convey to the world what you have to offer?
  • Clear goals, metrics, or priorities so you can focus your energy and time?
  • Your concise story and mission so you can share what you do in a powerful, authentic way?
  • New programs? New clients? New income?
  • Your articulated commitment to justice, in and out of your business?
  • Content for your clients?
  • Ideal schedule so you have a sense of balanced and boundaried time?

If you are an entrepreneur looking to make a goddamn difference out there, we want you. Both in this Mastermind experience, and in the network that lives on. Come join us.

Revolutionary Coaching + Community + Action= Magic.

We start in March. We go through May.

Come mastermind.

meet laura.

White. Queer. Prodigal southerner.

(Credentialed) coach.

(Trained) end of life doula.

Love, intimacy, courage, magic maker.

Rabble fucking rouser.

Let's play.


A's for your Q's

Are there scholarships?

Yes. If you have systemic or financial constraint, your tuition for any program is automatically adjusted by 20%. There are additional scholarships available; you can request and self-elect your tuition in the application.

What platform will we use to stay connected?

We'll be using Mighty Networks for the private, social component of the Mastermind. And Voxer for the 1:1 access to laura's mentoring.

Is this a multi-racial space?

Yes. We've all been socialized by oppression; we've all internalized white supremacy conditioning and its ways of being even though there are very different trade-offs, consequences, traumas, penalties, and benefits depending on our identity locations. This experience is a multi-racial, multi-generational space.

How much do I have to participate? Are calls recorded.

You'll have more fun and get a lot more out of the experience if you allow yourself to fully show up. And. We know you're busy. You get recordings of the calls and you'll be sent electronic copies of any materials shared. We know not everyone will be able to attend every single session -- no worries. 

When will calls be?

Most likely: Thursdays. There will be no way to find a specific time that consistently works for 10 very busy people, but we'll make sure we find a time(s) that work for most folks on Thursdays. It's OK if you can't make every call, but we really recommend trying. 🙂 

How will design challenges work?

While we'll have 6 sessions (12 hours!) of whole group coaching time, you'll also have mini design sessions with your cadre members who are working on similar challenges, offerings, and sprints. You'll be given design challenges as individuals and small groups so that you are building beyond and outside of whole group sessions.